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How to keep track of your content

Have you written articles/blog posts for other websites and publications? Do you have a one-stop shop where you know you can locate everything you’ve written and created?

I’ve written many articles over roughly the past 10 years and I’d completely lost track of many of them. Whilst the articles on my website are within easy reach, other articles I’d written for different groups and online magazines, I’d simply lost track of. Sure, over the years, I’d tried hard to keep a spreadsheet with them listed and with the links, but it was never up to date, let alone complete.

Recently, I’ve come across the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs, writers, and content creators. Authory.com. I signed up for a trial to see what would come up. I added as many of the places as I could remember that I’d written articles for and let the Authory wizard doing its searching around the internet.

Voila, I’ve now got 199 pieces of content they’ve found that I’ve created all listed in one place!

Authory allows you to share links to articles and also to create collections. Whilst I haven’t spent as much time on this as I’d like to yet, knowing that I can create collections of content that all relate to the same topic will be my next step.

A while ago, I’d printed out all the articles I could find in hard copy and then had put them in piles by topic with the intention that I would somehow put them together into groups so that if wanted to provide articles on, say break even, I would have them all connected in some way.

Problem was, I didn’t quite know how to pull them together easily with a shareable link to all those specific articles. Knowing I can create collections within Authory will be a gamechanger for this as I will easily be able to create those collections and then share the link with clients and students in my courses to access the specific content they need.

Users can also use the search option to find what they’re looking for.

For example, if you search all my publications for “Cash Flow” there are 65 content items:



But if you just want the audio content, you can search for the actual publication and then you’ll find there are 20 podcast episodes on the subject:


This is a great solution to keep all your content in one place and I’ll be creating collections and adding more content to this as I remember where else my articles will be residing.

On top of this as a great place to keep all the content in one place, there’s also analytics so you can check for numbers of tweets, shares, reactions, comments, video views and so on.

When new content is added, subscribers will automatically receive my newsletter with the links to the recent articles. And for those who love an RSS feed, they’ve got that covered too.

After just a couple of weeks of trialing this system, I’m excited to use this platform to create collections, share content and check out my analytics.

Now that I’ve got all the history in one place, I think it’s time for me to start creating more new content again.

For my content-creating friends and colleagues, give it a go if you value having all your content in the one place as I do. For more information about Authory, check it out here.


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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