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I am passionate about helping business owners improve the way they do business.


Amanda Fisher, Financial Educator and Virtual CFO, has gained the nickname of The Cash Flow Queen and has been diving deep into the numbers for over 30 years.

She helps small businesses plan and execute growth strategies through financial awareness. Most businesses don’t know which numbers to focus on.
Amanda nearly lost her business during a recession in 2009 because she was focused on the wrong numbers. It was nearly detrimental to her business. Her experience led her to passionately teach others how to focus on the correct financial elements to increase growth, profitability and security in their business.
She is also a #1 bestselling author in Financial Accounting on Amazon.

Keynote Topics

Creating a Profitable Modern Business

During this talk, I teach the simple 3 step process business owners need to know, understand and manage their business financials in order to confidently make decisions that propel business growth.

Many business owners fear or dread diving into the financials. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming. But number awareness is critical to navigating the road to success. The numbers are critical for success and they don't have to be scary.

Business owners will learn to manage key financial numbers, identify opportunities for growth and ultimately create a profitable business that runs with ease.

Unscramble Your Numbers & Unlock Your Cash Flow Secrets

Many business owners don’t understand their business numbers and as a result are making poor decisions and failing to plan for the future. 

During this keynote, I explain the fundamental numbers in business, discuss the importance of planning as the key to success and show how to identify what business numbers to focus on.

As the author of Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow, I share my anecdotes and use examples to inspire and educate.

I make the complex simple to wow your audience.

Leading With Numbers and Using a Different Perspective

Leadership is more than leading a team and managing people, it’s also about using numbers in a way that will inspire your team to do better.
During this keynote, I explain the exact framework I use to view the numbers from different perspectives to identify strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats to the business.
I’m passionate about changing the way numbers are viewed and
interpreted and love finding novel ways to use them to advantage.
With a fun easy to understand style, I enlighten audience whilst at the same time educating them.

Amex Idea Exchange

I was invited to appear on a panel in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in 2019 to share my Cash Flow advice for SME business owners.  Here I am with fellow panelists.

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"Anyone who thinks that accountants are dull and dry should definitely see Amanda speak! Amanda was kind enough to speak to a group of second-year accounting students and members of the entrepreneurs’ clubs at Monash University. She spoke about the future of accounting, particularly with reference to technological change, and about connected accounting."

Michael Vitale
Professor, Monash University

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