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Simple Cash Flow Management

Improve your cash flow, make more profit and minimise your admin time. 


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My Simple Cash Flow Program gives you exactly what you need to improve cash flow, make more profit and minimise your admin time. 

Tools & Frameworks

The tools and frameworks you need to increase your profit and reduce your admin time.


A reliable, easy to follow strategy that lets you plan the future you want for your business (and your life too!).  

Tips & Tricks

 A bucket load of tips and tricks to speed up your cash flow and get money into your bank account… right now!

The Simple Cash Flow Program will simplify and unravel the mysteries of the numbers and help you:

Get Invoices Paid Faster

Identify Regular Payments

Split Costs For Better Reporting

Identify Extra Cash or Savings

Recapture the enjoyment of being in business and become the business owner you always wanted to be.

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Kate Christie undertook the Simple Cash Flow Mastery Testimonial to help her manage the cash in her business Time Stylers. See what Kate had to say about the program.


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